Architect’s Vision

During the design process of this project, one of the first decisions was to develop a direct link to the city of Siliguri. The township design has envisaged a grand public promenade along the river, which will act as a major recreational space for the citizens of Siliguri.

Along the promenade, the non-residential components will be essential in re-introducing a link to the river which our cities have lost over time. It may also reduce or control the unregulated riverbed mining which is rampant in the region as the river edge will now become part of the public realm.
The second design decision was to consider all homeowners as equal stakeholders irrespective of housing and plot size. This is contrary to many other township developments which enforce a regimented distinction between larger and smaller plot zones.

This is achieved by dividing the site into smaller neighbourhood clusters which vary in size but are all structured around a community green space. The clusters are designed for multiple configurations that can respond to the changing social demands. As a system, such a design can successfully foster a close immediate community. Due to its location advantage, the Utsodhaara Township will have a variety of amenities and excellent transport links.

Residents will experience an unparalleled urban lifestyle within a community designed for comfort living and ease of connectivity with important landmarks. Our occupants can look forward to a master planning that will facilitate pedestrian-friendly high streets, landscaped boulevards spilling out into public plazas and seamlessly connected greens.